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Design Objective 
Develop branding for a shop local event. This includes the logo, event posters, and map of the event. 
Design Brief
LA Art Strut is a local event that takes place in the Los Angeles Art District where some of the most photographed murals are painted. The LA Art Strut walks visitors through the event district to see local art and businesses. This tour includes visiting a coffee shop, art galleries, art supplies store, and famous murals. The branding for LA Art Strut uses bright and vibrant blue, red, and yellow. The logo includes a paintbrush, paint, spray paint, and graffiti to tie in with the event. The map continues with the fun and bright vibe of the logo, using some of the same elements found in the logo, such as the spray clouds and the color palette. A set of icons were created to go along with the branding that is used in the map. 

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